SEO Strategies to Increase Profits

It’s a well-known fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest marketing channels available for businesses. However, many companies fail to make any money, even using many SEO techniques. Here a few reasons why, and some strategies to implement to increase your profits.

Devise an SEO strategy

It’s not enough to throw in a few keywords on your website. Putting keywords in title tags and adding them into links won’t generate viewers, and won’t increase your profits. To be truly successful, you must devise and implement a SEO strategy that increases profits by capitalising on your competitors weaknesses. Why is your company better than anyone else’s? What are your company’s strengths? A successful SEO strategy should include: keywords and objectives, marketing objectives, competitor analysis, professional site structure including a site map. There is no best strategy. However, yours should focus on your business objectives and strengths. For Australian businesses based in Victoria, Resolve are a great Melbourne SEO Company that can help you design and implement a strategy to provide the greatest return on investment.


Focus on the right keywords

Increasing SEO performance in GoogleMany companies fail to use the most basic SEO technique – they chose the wrong keywords for their websites. For websites to rank on the first page of Google, they need to use keywords that focus on the company’s services while helping the company generate a profit. The big search engines focus the core of their algorithms on “backlinks”, which are essentially votes of confidence for your site, from other sites on the web. Make sure these backlinks include keywords directly linking viewers back to your website.

Improve your website performance

A lot of business owners don’t mind spending a few thousands of dollars per month to market their business; however, they often mistakenly hesitate to invest in their website. They often do not realise that the more people are exposed to their website, the more people will be interested in their products or services, and the more income they will generate.

Make a better offer

Your offer informs your prospective clients the money they will receive if they take action on your website. You can include links entitled ‘contact us’, ‘free consultation’, or ‘free review’ – anything that informs viewers a way to take action. The better your offer, the better your profit. The key is to offer something your clients value – either time or money. Whatever it is, remember that the benefits you reap far exceed the costs.

Email to stay in touch

Unfortunately, a vast majority of the people who visit your website will more than likely never visit it again. Even if you have a website conversion rate of 10%, you are still losing 90% of your visitors. Some of these people may never return again. So, to keep them coming back, it is important to capture their email addresses to use email marketing in an effort to stay in touch. This means that when they are ready, they will think of your services first.


Split-testing is an effective tool that creates copies of your web page so that when you update it (such as the front page or headline), it creates a copy of the page and rotates visitors between them both. This creates the illusion that you website is constantly being redesigned, and is one of the best measures of increasing the performance of a web page. You should always split-test your website once a month – even if it has been completely redesigned.

Using SEO techniques can be extremely profitable for your business if every strategy has been correctly implemented. If you find you are generating the amount of profits that you hoped for, then perhaps its’ time to implement the above-mentioned strategies. Implementing SEO strategies has been proven to increase online profits, so why not try it today?